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Roy Kyle and The Hot Rod Cruisers
Vintage rock n roll from the 50s, 60s, and 70s
Technical Specs

The following diagram is provided to give an idea of the band’s normal layout. Please
contact the band with any questions regarding the stage plot or other technical specs.

Stage Plot

A) Drum Kit – 4-piece Drum Kit and cymbals:
           - Kick Drum: Shure Beta-52
             - Snare: Shure SM-57 or Beta-56
             - Toms: Sennheiser e604s
             - Hi Hat/Overhead: Audix f15
B) Bass Amp:
            - XLR out of amp or DI
C) Guitar Amp:
             - Sennheiser e609
D) Keyboard Rig
             - Direct XLR line for DI Box
E) Vocal Microphones
    (X2 Boom stands… Drummer brings own stand):
                - Shure SM-58s or Beta-58s

The list below is our sound and lighting inventory. It can be adjusted depending on venue size, electrical restraints, etc. The systems are capable of anything from a small intimate setting to a large, club-sized rig and everything in between. If you have any questions regarding the “Gig Rig”, please contact the band.

- (6) EV ETX18SP Subs
- (4) EV ETX12P Main Speakers
- (7) EV EKX15PMonitors
- Bose L1 Speaker System

Front of House Board/Effects:
- X32 Digital Mixer Board
- X32 Rack Mixing Unit

- (6) Shure SM-58 Microphones
- (6) Shure SM-57 Microphones
- (1) Shure Beta-56 Microphone
- (3) Sennheiser e604 Microphones
- (2) Sennheiser e609 Microphones
- (1) Shure Beta52 Kick Drum Microphone
- (6) Audix f15 Condenser Microphones

- Power Conditioners / 100 Amp Distro
- All Needed Stands, Cables, etc.
- All needed AC Power, XLR Cables, Lead-In Cable

- (8) Par-64 LED Cans on trees
- (16) Par-36 LED Cans on truss
- (4) Pinspots
- (4) Scanning Intelligent Lights
- (2) Moonflowers
- Haze Machine
- All needed trusses, mounting devices, and stands
- Lighting Console

In order for The Hot Rod Cruisers to perform at any given venue, the following points must be discussed and agreed upon by both The Hot Rod Cruisers (the band) and the person(s) booking the band (the venue) unless arrangements are otherwise made in advance with the band and the venue.

-Complete Live Show (This listing is for our biggest sound and light system):  Three (3) clean, separate 110 circuits of 20 amps is needed within a reasonable distance from the stage/bandstand OR a single NEMA 14-50 outlet (4 prong "dryer" type).

-For venues that use a house PA system: the band requires only one standard 110 electrical outlet on stage for guitar amp, bass amp, and keyboard rig.

-When band provides PA:
The Hot Rod Cruisers carry their own sound system and are capable of setting up and running their own sound unless other arrangements are made in advance. While the band does not push sound levels to the extreme, The Hot Rod Cruisers are a live band and they do have a minimal volume that must be met in order to perform. The band’s stage volume is approximately 90-98db. The front of house mix (measured from the center of the room in the case of indoor venues) is generally kept at approximately 92-98dB. This can vary from less than 90dB to over 100dB depending on the acoustics of the room. If the venue is outdoors OR if the venue is susceptible to noise complaints (ex. residential areas), a noise permit MUST be obtained by the venue in advance of the show.

-When a “house tech” and “house PA” is provided:
If there is a house PA and engineer, The Hot Rod Cruisers will follow the standard guidelines of the venue for sound reinforcement.

The Hot Rod Cruisers require about 90 minutes to set up the full show (sound, lights, and personal rigs); less time for the smaller systems. To ensure a quality performance, an additional 10-15 minutes for soundcheck is required (at the venues time of choice), however, the band makes a point to keep this to a minimum.

The area needed to set up the full show (lighting, PA, etc.) is an area of at least (minimum) 16 feet front of stage width by 10 feet deep. If the stage space is smaller, the band may have to cut down the sound or lighting system, etc. If the venue is indoors and does not have a stage, a designated area of said size is needed. If the performance is to take place outdoors and a stage or riser is used, the stage or riser must meet the size requirements listed above. Said stage or riser must also be vibration free. If said stage has a canopy or ceiling overhead, it must be at least 6.5 feet above the highest section of floor (ex. if there is a drum riser). If no stage or riser is used, an area of said size may also be used (concrete slab, etc.).

Given that The Hot Rod Cruisers perform in a variety of venues to a variety of audiences, there is an understanding of proper conduct that the band takes into consideration. Please feel free to discuss any particular issues with the band in advance of the show. The primary goal of The Hot Rod Cruisers is to provide your venue with quality entertainment.